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Municipality of Kauswagan

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Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte, Philippines

The Municipality of Kauswagan is located in the northern Mindanao region of southern Philippines, in the province of Lanao del Norte. It is a small town of more than 24,000 inhabitants and subdivided by 13 barangays (villages).

Kauswagan is known for its sustainability development programs addressing hunger issues at the local level. Through its From Arms to Farms Program, massive development programs have been put in place in the past decade, which uplifted the lives of many people and restored the whole town from being a war-torn area to a progressive and self-sustaining municipality.

“From Arms to Farms” is a long-term sustainable program that sought to achieve peace and stability in a locality that was confronted with severe societal issues including food insecurity, conflict, and hopelessness affecting its populations. A major pillar in its perpetual quest for achieving a sustainable future, “From Arms to Farms” is an important component of the Sustainable Integrated Kauswagan Development and Peace Agenda (SIKAD PA). “Sikad Pa” in the local Cebuano language is figuratively attributed to strength and intensity caused by a person’s eagerness or willingness to pursue something.

Rommel C. Arnado is currently the municipal mayor of Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte and visionary of SIKAD PA and From Arms to Farms Program.

The program sought to address the root causes of generational conflict which included poverty, hunger and inequality. For the past 10 years, Kauswagan’s efforts through sustainable organic agricultural development brought a promise of lasting peace and had caused dramatic changes and improvement in the quality of life of its citizenry.

Its local chief executive, Mayor Rommel Arnado, is the visionary and main implementor of such programs that brought peace and development in the area.

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