“The Municipal government of Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte, being a service oriented government entity is committed to serve our customers under the spirit of teamwork and transparency. We see to it that our personnel will work with professionalism, live with decency and simplicity, and more responsive to the needs of the customers. In our daily undertakings, we centered God as our divine guidance and provider, making us trustworthy and loyal to the duties and responsibilities given to us, so that we will work with equality in the delivery of public services regardless of the race, levels in society, religious beliefs and political affiliations.”


“A Leading Organic Agriculture, Energy Generating Municipality, an advocate of Sustainable peace and Unity among Muslims and Christians, and an Eco-tourism Destination of empowered and disciplined constituents with a high sense of patriotism, living in an ecologically balanced environment, head by God fearing, strong and determined leadership.”


“Attainment of a dynamic and more improved economy, more particularly through increased agricultural production, proper management of existing environment, and the promotion of more equitable access to social development opportunities, and full utilization of human resources.”