Kauswagan is the second coastal municipality of the Province of Lanao del Norte located near the Southern boundary. It lies on the mid-central portion of the Northwestern Mindanao coastline with a nautical grid coordinate of 8° 12’ longitude and 124° 5’ east latitude. It is located twenty (20) kilometers away from Iligan City; bounded on the North, by Iligan Bay; on the East, by the Larapan River, which is the common boundary with the Municipality of Linamon; on the South, by the Municipality of Poona-Piagapo and on the West, by the Municipality of Bacolod with Rupagan River as the common boundary.


Kauswagan’s total land area is 6,037.5929 hectares representing 2.0% of the province’s total land area. It covers thirteen (13) barangays, namely: Poblacion, Bagumbayan, Baraason, Cayontor, Delabayan, Inudaran, Kawit Occidental, Kawit Oriental, Libertad, Paiton, Tacub, Tingintingin and Tugar. Of all these barangays, Paiton and Tacub recorded the two largest land areas corresponding to 846.6421 hectares and 823.1850 hectares. All these three barangays represented a combined 38.28% of the municipality’s total land area.


Basically, there are four (4) types of soils in the municipality, i.e. Hydrosol, Boac Clay Loam, Adtuyon Clay Loam with stony phase and Adtuyon Clay Loam, (see figure 8, Soil Map). The Hydrosol type is an underwater surface covering an area of about 32.6030 hectares representing only 0.54% of the municipality’s total land area. This type of soil is suitable for salt-water fish culture. The second type, Boac Clay Loam is suited for raising agricultural crops like coconut, abaca, banana and fruit productions, and constitutes 30.32% or 1,830.5982 hectares. The third type, Adtuyon Clay Loam (stony phase) is found in about 2,238.0958 hectares or 38.56 %. This soil is highly suitable for raising crops like coconut, corn, rootcrops, legumes, vegetables, peanuts & fruits. The fourth type, Adtuyon Clay Loam covers an area of approximately 1,846.2959 hectares of 30.58 % and is suitable for raising diversified crops like the aforementioned ones.