Scheduled of Availability of Service     : Monday – Friday (8:00 A. M. – 5:00 P. M.)

Who May Avail of the Service              : All business applicants in the locality

Duration                                               : If requirements are complete this could be availed in one working day.



  1. Barangay Clearance from the site of Business
  2. Police Clearance
  3. Building Certificate from the Municipal Engineering Office
  4. Zoning Certificate from the Municipal Planning and Development Office
  5. Sanitary Permit and Medical Certificate from the Municipal Health Office
  6. MEEDO Clearance for market vendors and Jeepney and Tricycle Operators
  7. Environmental Permit/Clearance from CENRO if necessary
  8. PhilHealth Clearance
  9. SSS Clearance
  10. DTI Clearance
  11. Fire Inspection Certificate
  12. Application Form duly accomplished
  13. Payment of Assessment fees from the Municipal Treasurer’s Office


How to Avail of the Service:

Steps Activity ( Guide to Applicants / Clients ) Mayors Office/Admin Section’s Activity Time Needed Persons Incharge Fees / Charges      (if necessary)
1 The client/s proceeds to the ADMIN Section and secure    requirements and application form and make clarificatory inquiries; § Frontline Personnel provides the client with application form and short briefing   of requirements. 5 mins Ma. Luz GeneralaoErlinda Jurial
2 The client proceeds to the treasurers office for assessment and  pays  the required fees 10 mins MTO Frontline STAFF
3 The client accomplishes requirements mentioned and proceed to the Admin Section and submit theapplication with the complete requirements for issuance of Business Permit § Receive and review the application and requirements for issuance of business permit 3 mins Ma. Luz Generalao


§ If documents presented are complete, record and give client copy of receipt of the application form, then process issuance of Business Permit  and advice client to wait§ If documents are lacking the application is return to the client and staff provides explanation. 10 mins Ma. Luz Generalao





§ Review and countersign  Business Permit issued before approval of the Mayor/ Authorized Representative 3 mins Ma. Luz Generalao


§ Bring the document to the Office of the Mayor for Approval 3 mins Roderick ColeLucman Pambaya
§ Approval of Permit 3 mins Municipal Mayor/ Authorized Representative
§ Mayor’s Staff returns the signed Business permit to Admin Section for Release 10 mins Mayor’s Staff
4 Client acknowledges receipt of copy of Business permit by Signing the record book and file copy § Release the clients copy of the duly signed Business Permit to the client.  Let the client sign at the record book. 2 mins Ma. Luz GeneralaoErlinda Jurial

Roderick Cole